Tekken Tag Tournament 2 We Are Tekken Edition


WE have been waiting for a long time to hold Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in our hands, especially the special version. We Are Tekken Edition comes in a paper box with a very nice cover, which is not decorated with any embossed parts. It damages easily, so you should be careful while carrying it home.

WE can say this is a standard Collector’s Edition, which includes a Steelbook, an art book, and a soundtrack in a separate case. The metal box comes fully sealed; its nice-looking front and back cover shows different characters (PS3 version also comes in a standard DVD sized case). Inside you will find the manual, Online Pass, games disc and bonus disc featuring “Behind the scenes” videos. Soundtrack comes is a slim DVD case including two discs: one with official tracks and one with the remixes. The Art of Tekken album (not hard covered) is quite a thick release, which shows artworks and drawing from different artist.

Released by: Namco Bandai Games
Region: PAL
Release date: (EU) 14-SEP-2012, (US) 11-SEP-2012
Release price: £59.99
Platform: PS3, X360

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 We Are Tekken Edition contents: Steelbook case, Official soundtrack and remixes (2 discs), Art book, Game disc, Bonus disc (Behind the Scenes).

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