About us

WE were thinking about to create a website in late summer 2009. It took us more than half a year to make a suitable web design, to collect all necessary equipments for a photo shoot and to gain support from the Hungarian collectors. Our mission is to present high quality pictures about the special edition video games released in Europe and other parts of the world.

WE are addicted gamers ourselves and our aim is to present all the limited edition releases, press kits and other video game related goodies among all platforms we can get hold of. We try to publish the best pictures for our presentation; the reviews are available in both English and Hungarian languages.

WE would like to ask you to become fan of our Facebook group and join our twitter or tumblr channel to receive some extra information about the reviewed games and our backstage work.

Greetings from the WE collect games editors:

GaBriel Zalaba (@GaBi), [email protected]

Proud to own : Devil May Cry 2 Press Kit (PlayStation 2)

Kristian Zalaba (@kryss777), [email protected]

Proud to own: Segagaga Dreamcast Direct Limited Edition (Sega Dreamcast)