It’s been a long time since WE have presented a bigger CE, so now WE are very happy with the special release of the Ninja Gaiden. The package comes in a nice-looking box, where the paper has a matte finish, and it is decorated with a shiny logo.

Inside you can find a smaller box, which holds the “Duel of the Masked” figure set showing a fight scene. These products are quite fair in this price category; their quality and details are pretty cool. It’s another plus that the set comes with a stand and a background.

Other extras of the package are a soundtrack CD in a thick jewel case, a standard edition game, and an exclusive Dead or Alive 5 demo with four characters. The art book named “Unmask” is also a valuable item, which is not a hard covered one, but its quality and contents are awesome.

Published by: Tecmo Koei
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 23-MAR-2011, (US) 20-MAR-2012
Release price: $99.99, £69.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Standard edition game, Soundtrack CD, Art book, Figure set.

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  1. “amely a két figurákat tartalmazza.”

    Ezt csak ki kellene javítani. 🙂

    Szép nagy doboz az biztos, de nekem a figurák túlzottan műanyagok, pláne ennyi pénzért. Főleg Ryunak lett vízfeje. 😀

    • Thx, javítva. 🙂

      Abból kiindulva, hogy 1db ilyen figuráért manapság akár 6000 forintot is elkérnek teljesen megfelelő a csomag ára. Mindemellett nagyon jó minőségű a doboz, szépen kidolgozott azt artbook, bár egy Steelbooknak jobban örültünk volna.

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