Online Casinos Bring Comic Heroes Back as Slot Machines


Comic superheroes have been very popular in the past 15-20 years. Numerous extremely successful films were based on comic books and comic book heroes and even some of the more obscure comics of the past found their place in mainstream culture. You can hardly find anyone that hasn’t encountered some of the most popular comic book heroes in one form or another. Not only that there have been films based on comic book characters, but also many toy companies have produced toys and accessories inspired by comics. There’s another are where comic heroes also gained notoriety recently – online slots you can find at sites like oneworldgroup.

Online casinos are slowly becoming more popular than conventional casinos and millions of people all over the world choose to play slot games on their computers instead of visiting a brick and mortar casino. This was taken a step further by the fact that mobile casino games have exploded in popularity and a lot people that enjoy playing online slots and other casino games, do it on their mobile devices instead of (or in addition to) playing on their computers. Therefore it is not surprising that developers have created hundreds of slot games, based on all sorts of themes, including comic book heroes.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is, according to many fans and comic book aficionados the best Batman themed film ever. The film was actually based on several comic books and graphic novels from the past and Nolan managed to create a true master-piece. The role of the actors and actresses was also crucial as Bale was and still is, according to many, the best Batman that ever appeared on screen. Michael Cane, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman were also amazing. After the great commercial and artistic success of the film, MIcrogaming decided that it would be a great to immortalise The Dark Knight once again, this time in a progressive jackpot slot game. And they weren’t wrong.

the dark knight slot machine

Let us just tell you that all aspects concerning the graphics and the gameplay are simply impeccable. Real video clips from the movie are featured and the symbols include many of the popular characters. The game is a standard 5-reel slot and it has 243 pay-lines just like games you can find if you click here. The most exciting aspect of this slot is the fact that it has 4 different progressive jackpots. You can win a progressive round during the bonus round.

The first jackpot is quite small – $10, the second is $100, the third somewhat larger – $10,000, but the last one is a million dollar prize. And those are just the starting amounts. On numerous occasions the amount for the fourth jackpot reached several millions. Visit today to start playing.

Iron Man 2

The Dark Knight was based on a DC comic, our next choice is based on a comic book by DC’s greatest rivals – Marvel. Iron Man 2 is based, obviously, on the 2010 film of the same name. The film was a massive hit and it earned almost $624 million at the box office. Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson and Mickey Rourke casted the main roles.

Iron Man 2 Slot Machine

The slot version of Iron Man 2 at this online casino malaysia features either 25 pay-lines or 50 pay-lines, and it has 5 reels. This game was developed by Playtech, another well-established and renowned company. The game is styled in a great fashion and the visual effects are astounding.

The Free Spins is one of the attractive features of the game as it includes a multiplier that multiply your win up to six times. 원엑스벳  can be played with as little as $0.50 up to $250. It is a high variance slot game, so you can’t expect frequent wins, but it is possible to win much larger amount. The game is part of the Playtech progressive jackpot network, which means that it is also possible to hit a massive jackpot. If you are in to online gaming, read here this now post explaining how you can get banned for buying RuneScape gold.

Thor The Mighty Avenger

Thor Slot Machine

Thor The Mighty Avenger is another Marvel comic themed slot from this big brand non-UK-casino. This game features 30-paylines. The game has 3 modes, the standard starting mode is Asgard, where as the other two modes are activated from a special featured called Rainbow Bridge. In the normal mode wild symbols can appear on the second and the fourth reel. Depending on which reel are the wild symbols stacked, either the Thunderstorm Re-spin or the Lighting Free Spin bonus features are activated. Once you activate the Rainbow Bridge features you have true chances of winning big amounts of money. The two special modes are played on different, unique sets of reels. You can get either Free Games or Earth Free Games. On this game at  해외배팅사이트 you can also win one of four progressive jackpots.

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