God of War: Ghost of Sparta Press Kit


WE were lucky to get our hands on the God of War III Press Kit in march and now an another GOW media package has arrived. It didn’t come in a wooden box, but still has a stylish packaging.

Inside the Omega Hessian sack you can find a brochure and a wooden coaster, everything is inside an envelope-like packaging. After removing the red sticker seal you can unfold the envelope into a poster with great artworks on both sides. The brochure holds the usual media asset disc and the downloadable code. There is no UMD in the package, the game can be downloaded via PSN with the provided redeem code. The second section of the brochure is a 10-paged artistic booklet with good-looking artworks and compiled information about the game.

Note: According to the official desciption the package should include a T-Shirt, but it was missing from our media kit.

Released by: SONY
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 03-NOV-2010, (US) 02-NOV-2010
Release price: N/A
Platform: PlayStation Portable

Contents: ‘Omega’ Hessian Sack, Mini poster, Wooden coaster, Artbook with illustrated brochure, PSN redeem code (digital version of God of War: Ghost of Sparta), Media disc.

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  2. I bought this off ebay and got a rare “Not for Sale – Promo Only” Kratos figurine + a cool T-Shirt.

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