There was no presentation of a fighting game media kit on our site before, so WE picked Tekken: Dark Resurrection that is one of the coolest-looking media packages ever made. It seems like an official fist aid kit, where the instructions were pasted with real band aids to the back side.

After unfolding the red rubbery container you can see some small art cards (9.8cm x 7.2cm), a media disc, an UMD and a Survival Guide. On the front of each 14 cards are character artworks and some funny survival tips on the back. The included Survival Guide is a 4-paged booklet, which explains the story and lists in-game characters.

Released by: Sony
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 15-SEP-2010, (US) 25-JUL-2010
Release price: N/A
Platform: PlayStation Portable

Contents: 14 Art Cards (9.8cm x 7.2cm), Survival Guide, Game UMD, Media disc.

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