MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Press Kit


It’s time to show you our favorite review copy, the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift press kit. This is the most exciting package WE have presented so far; both the look and the contents are above average. Every single content is connected to the off-road festival from the game and are held in a black rubber container which looks like a tyre. WE are sure if there were real MotorStorm events they would be promoted with items from this package.

The tyre is covered with sand both the inside and outside – yes, it is real sand! Five invitational cards are on a yellow keychain decorated with nice artwork and basic information about the game. On the pictures below you can see a buggy sticker, one entrance ticket (with safety warnings), a promotional flyer, a poster with dirty fingerprints, two discs and the black silicone armband.

WE love this press kit because the contents and the quality of the materials used are classy.

Released by: SONY
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 07-NOV-2008, (US) 28-OCT-2008
Release price: N/A
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Collectible packaging, Keychain, 5 artcards (12cm x 9cm), Sticker, Entry ticket to MotorStorm festival, Armband, Poster, Flyer, Media disc, Game disc.

Check out our other press kit reviews and the interview with Tim Smith, who created this awesome package!

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