The MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is still one of our favorite Press Kits, luckily the new episode, named Apocalypse also received a very interesting package. The tin box is made of very fine materials where the rust is not only a painting, it’s real; and the duct tape was also produced only for this release.

The package includes a 3D artwork, which is inspired by the standard edition game’s packshot. On one side of the included poster you can see a good-looking artwork, while the other describes important information about the game. Under the six postcards you can find the game and the media disc in two separate paper cases. The last item in the package is a sticker with the well-known MotorStorm logo and a Suvivor caption.

Released by: SONY
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 16-MAR-2011, (US) 12-APR-2011
Release price: N/A
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: 3D artwork, Poster, Decal, Game disc, Media disc.

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  1. wow thats a gorgeous edition of a game. im lucky enough to own not one but two pacific rift press kits, and want one of these to go with them. godamn theres some attention to detail in that kit!

  2. Kegs11,
    I have one of these for sale.
    Unopened and Still sealed with the red tape.

    contact me on with an offer and i’ll consider putting it up on ebay – eboman1 At Google Email

  3. Will probably put it on eBay within the next day or two.

    Kegs11, got you email. I will have to give others a change on ebay


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