After the simplest among the Final Fantasy XIII-2 special editions, the Steelbook, WE continue with the most beautiful release, which is called Crystal Edition. It was obvious that it will come in a big package, but WE were very surprised how huge it is. The box – which is made of thick paper – is protected with a sleeve, but unfortunately neither of these contains any embossed or shiny captions.

Inside you will find the standard edition game, where the key art is a bit smaller than on the standard copy. The package holds an interesting 3D lenticular artwork, and an art book (not a hard covered one), which shows concept arts about weapons, characters, and locations as well. Furthermore you will find a separately sealed pack of postcards, and a T-shirt, which is exclusive to this pack. The most beautiful piece of the CE is definitely the four-CD soundtrack, where the cover is decorated with shiny black captions.

The overall quality of the package is very good; you can feel the attention to every detail: you can even find leather imprints in the plastic container inside! Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition is not cheap, but ultimate fans of the series should definitely get a copy.

Published by: Square Enix
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 03-FEB-2012, (US) 31-JAN-2012
Release price: £79.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Standard edition game, Lenticular artwork, 46-paged art book, 6 postcards, T-shirt (size M), Soundtrack (4 CD).

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