Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Limited Edition Red Console


Let’s celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with a limited edition Nintendo Wii! The special bundle is available only in limited quantities and contains a red gaming console along with some free games.

Inside the normal sized Wii box you can find the usual components (power supply, composite cable, console stand, user’s manuals), the red Wii, a red Wii Remote Plus (in red silicone case), a red Nunchuck controller and 3 games. The original Donkey Kong game comes pre-loaded onto the console and it’s only available on this Nintendo Wii. The New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports are shipped on a DVD in a cardboard sleeve.

The 25th anniversary limited edition bundle is a good choice for those who are planning to buy a Wii (like WE were), and it’s a valuable item for collectors as well.

Released by: Nintendo
Region: PAL
Release date: 29-OCT-2010
Release price: £179.99
Platform: Nintendo Wii

Contents: Red Nintendo Wii console, Red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck controller, Red silicone case for Wii Remote Plus, Power cord, Composite cable, Sensor bar (with stand), Console stand, 3 games (New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports, Donkey Kong).

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