Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition (EU)


WE have been waiting for a long time to get our hands on the European LE of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This release looks way much better than the US version, which WE showed you already. The shiny box looks nice, but it does not contain any embossed captions. It is made of thin paper, and thanks to that it damages easily.

After unboxing you can see the unique T-shirt, which comes in a sealed pack. Next to the standard edition game you can find the Steelbook with custom artwork. It has a very good quality, looks nice, but unfortunately is does not feature an inner covert art. A bonus disc should have been provided in this in our opinion.

Last item of the package is a harcover art book showing the best illustrations and arts from the three episodes on 250 pages. Only negative thing is that it does not contain any new pictures compared to previous MGS publications, so for hardcore fans it will be only a selection of the finest artworks.

Published by: Konami
Region: PAL
Release date: 03-FEB-2012
Release price: £59.95
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Standard edition game, Steelbook, T-Shirt, Hardcover art book.

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