The Gears of War 2 Collector’s Edition was a topic of our first posts, so WE were really excited about the return of Marcus and his team. The GOW3 Steelbook and the Limited Edition releases are really precious items, but Epic Edition is definitely made for hardcore fans.

The game comes is a quite large and heavy box, which is decorated with cool artworks. Inside the package you can find the Marcus Fenix statue – it is a beautiful, incredibly detailed figurine – along with a printed artwork, which can serve as a background on the collectors shelf.

The 96-paged hardcover art book is also a unique item. Despite the usual character and location artworks you can find some early Gears of War logo designs, different team photos and memorable quotes from developers inside.

As part of the Epic Edition you will receive the whole Limited Edition as well, which is a top quality release. The so called Octus Award Box is made of very fine materials and it contains a good-looking DVD case with the game discs. Inside you can also find a fabric COG flag and handwritten notes from Adam Fenix. A gear-shaped Octus Service Medal is also part of the package, where the engraved code allows you to download some special items (5 weapon skins, Adam Fenix costumes).

Published by: Microsoft Studios
Reigion: PAL
Release date: 20-SEP-2011
Release price: £99.99
Platform: Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Marcus Fenix Statue, Octus Award Box, DVD case, Game discs, Octus service medal, Notes, 96-paged hardcover artbook, COG flag, Downloadable contents (5 weapon skins, Adam Fenix multiplayer skin).

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  1. Hát ez nem a Microsofton múlt. Az angol GAME kizárólagos jogot kapott az egyedi festésű konzol és az Epic Edition forgalmazására Európában.

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