WE loved the first Gears of War so there was no other option, just to buy the second episode right on the release date. Even though we were familiar with the contents of the collector’s edition, the unboxing process still resulted as a big surprise.

The outer paper sleeve holds the inner hard covered box in which you can find one Steelbook and an artbook. The Steelbook is decorated with the art of Gears of War’s famous Lancer Assault Rifle and holds both the game and bonus disc with developer videos, picture gallery, music tracks and unique gamer pictures.

The 48-page hard covered artbook named „Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2” shares basic information and pictures about the game’s characters and locations. The last piece of the package is a real surprising thing – a photo of Maria and Dom which can be familiar to you from the game.

As a final verdict we are really satisfied with this package. These days publishers rarely add many extras to their a Limited Editions, but this release is full of goodies which every Gears of War fan will like.

Notes :
1) The release shown on our pictures was sold in eastern Europe where Xbox Live is not officially available, therefore the extra multiplayer content like online map-pack and the golden lancer are not present like in the official European relase.
2) The same package was released in the US at the price of $69.99.

Published by: Microsoft Games Studios
Region: PAL
Release date: 7-NOV-2008
Release price: £49.99
Platform: Xbox 360

Contents: Steelbook, „Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2” artbook, picture of Dom and Maria, Game disc, Bonus disc.

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  1. Összesen két CE-öm van X360-ra, és ez az egyik. A másik a BioShock, amiből az egyik barátnőm a költözéskor összetörte a Big Daddy figurát.

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