WE always say this when a Blizzard title is released: finally the long-waited game is here! The Diablo III Collector’s Edition has a top-quality packaging, which is prepared with attention to every single detail. The box is quite a huge, it has a white color, and it seems so be a durable piece thanks to the hard cardboard. You can see many embossed elements on it (even in places where no one would expect), and the soft surface is also very nice at touch. The overall quality is awesome, and it feels like as WE were holding some kind of marble table.

Inside you will see lots of good-looking, separately sealed items. Of course, the hardcover art book is stunning, and it includes many artworks and early concepts through 208 pages – this will be all fans favorite piece in the package. Next to the book you can find 4 cards called Guest Pass, which allows you to invite your friends to the trial version of Diablo III and World of Warcraft (2-2 pieces). The Diablo III Collector’s Edition also includes the playable copies of and Diablo II and Lord of Destuction expansion pack.

Official soundtrack CD comes in a paper box, and it contains 23 tracks. In addition, you will find 2 DVD cases, where the first holds the Collector’s Edition game (with some exclusive downloadable contents), while the second one supplies the “Behinds the scenes” DVD and Blu-ray discs. The last piece of the package comes in a highly detailed small box – this includes Diablo’s skull with a Soulstone USB stick. This 4GB capacity drive (which flashes red while using) contains the full versions of Diablo II game and the Lord of Destruction expansion.

Published by: Blizzard Entertainment
Region: global
Release date: 15-MAY-2012
Release price: £79.99
Platform: PC

Contents: Collectible packaging, Hardcover art book, 4 pieces of Guest Pass cards, Collector’s edition game (with exclusive in-game content), „Behind the scenes” DVD and Blu-Ray discs, Official soundtrack, Diablo skull with a 4GB USB stick (including Diablo II and its expansion).

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