WE were waiting for this day since a very-very long time. After so many years of development, StarCraft II has been completed and WE are more than happy to hold the stuffed Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition in our hands. Special editions produced by Blizzards are always stunning, you will face this fact upon meeting with the huge and heavy release in person. To be able to play titles like this, you need a great setup such as a huawei matebook.

The outer box is made of thick cardboard paper; its design is highly detailed, even the small screws on the front are embossed. You will meet with the ultimate Wings of Liberty experience after removing the lid. The used materials are perfect and every single content is sealed separately.

Firstly let’s see at the game itself, which comes in a normal DVD case with a CE serial number (this automatically activates the extras for Battle.net), user’s manual and 4 Guest Passes (2 for Wow and 2 for StarCraft II) to invite your friends to play. There’s a bonus DVD containing all the developer interviews and every pre-rendered cinematics, also an Official Soundtrack CD in a separate jewel case with 14 music tracks. The package holds the #0 issue of the StarCraft comic book and a heavy Wings of Liberty art book. This 176-paged hard-covered artistic book will blow you away for sure; both the inside artworks and the quality of pages are flawless.

The most unique content is a 2GB USB drive, crafted as Jim Raynor’s “DOG TAG”. Instead of a cheap plastic data storage you get a device which is made of metal, put together with real screws and it glows orange when you plug it into your computer. It’s not empty either; it comes preloaded with the full version of StarCraft and the Brood War expansion pack.

Despite the high price WE are truly recommending to buy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition, because both the game and the package are superior. Publishers are not really creative on designing a CE these days, but Blizzard teaches everyone a lesson with a package like this.

Released by: Blizzard
Region: global
Release date: 27-JUL-2010
Release price: £69.99
Platform: PC/MAC

Contents: Collectible packaging, Game disc, 176-page artbook, 2GB USB Flash drive (preloaded with the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War), Behind-the-scenes DVD, Soundtrack CD, StarCraft comic book issue #0, World of Warcraft in-game content (Thor in-game pet), Exclusive Battle.net downloadable content (special portraits for Battle.net profile, decals to customize in-game units, unique version of the terran Thor unit).

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