Soon the summer stagnancy will end, and WE can show you better and better CE packages each week. This season is opening with the Darksiders II, which is a highly anticipated title not only because of the game, but its Collector’s Edition as well. The nicely decorated package has an average size, where the front side includes a window showing the mask of Death.

After opening you can get your hands on the regular hardcover art book with a shiny caption on it. This book shows many concept arts and different drawings, but there aren’t any written informations. The Limited Edition game comes in a standard, plastic box, which includes the downloadable codes for the OST and two DLCs. Of course, the most important element of the package is definitely the Darksiders II Death mask, which is quite impressive. It also comes with a stand. Every fan will be fully satisfied with this high quality item.

Released by: THQ
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 21-AUG-2012, (US) 14-AUG-2012
Release price: £69.99
Platform: PC, PS3, X360

Darksiders II Collector’s Edition contents: Limited Edition game (with standard box), Death mask with stand, Hardcover art book, Downloadable contetns (Official Soundtrack, Shadow of Death Game Pack DLC, Argul’s Tomb DLC).

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