Xbox 360 250GB Halo: Reach Limited Edition Console


There were many unique and cool looking Xbox 360 consoles before, but it’s the first time when WE review the newest limited edition “S” model. It includes all the features of the newly designed Xbox 360 console, such as a 250 GB Hard Drive, the built-in Wi-Fi and the new Kinect port.

The Limited Edition console has the same parameters like the ones released after June 2010, only difference is the unique paintjob. The glossy black surface was exchanged with a matte silver design, decorated with Halo themed artworks and logos. Beyond the regular components (power brick, composite cable and wired headset) there are two custom wireless controllers with an arts inspired by the game. A bundle copy of Halo: Reach is also included in the package.

WE were blown away by this limited edition Halo: Reach console. WE are highly recommending for new Xbox 360 owners to buy this one instead of the normal version; huge Halo fans also should include it in their collection.

Released by: Microsoft
Region: PAL
Release date: 14-SEP-2010
Release price: £249.99
Platform: Xbox 360

Contents: Halo: Reach limited edition console with exclusive silver design, Two custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with artwork inspired by the game, A Bundle copy of Halo: Reach, power brick, composite cable, black headset, 250GB HDD.

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