NECA Bioshock 2 Series 2 – 7″ Ultra Deluxe Action Figure, Big Daddy Rosie


NECA has produced many figurines for the game BioShock 2; this time WE will show you the Big Daddy in Rosie version, which comes in a clamshell packaging. The statue with multiple points of articulation looks very nice, where the quality also feels good because of its weight. The details are excellent, even the smallest parts are well elaborated, so the Ultra-Deluxe is absolutely legitimate. Two accessories are included, the air tank and the Rivet gun.

Manufacturer: NECA
Release date: 01-JUN-2010

Height: 17,78 cm (7″)
Weight: 798 g
Packaging: Clamshell
Item number: 44736
Accessories: Air tank, Rivet gun.

Price: $24.99.

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