Three weeks ago WE showed you the European version of the Mortal Kombat Kollektor’s Edition; this time let’s take a look at the US Tournament Edition. The package comes in a huge box, which is decorated with beautiful artworks.

The stick has a stunning paintjob, which looks very impressive at first glance. The accessory was inspired by old arcade cabinets; it’s a great piece of hardware, where the buttons are very durable as well. It’s accurate, stable, convenient, so the fighting game fans will be very happy with it.

Once you open up the top of the arcade stick you can see the wires inside a plastic protector. The included USB cable and the standard edition game can also be stored inside this hidden container. The Blu-Ray case holds the game disc and some DLC codes with the access to Avatar items and exclusive costumes.

Released by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Region: NTSC US
Release date: 19-APR-2011
Release price: $149.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Arcade stick, USB cable, Standard edition game, Downloadable contents (Avatar items, exclusive costumes).

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  1. I love this Collector’s edition. And the arcade stick is really cool.

    I think this collector’s edition has been released also in Europe, but only for the French Market.

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