Mass Effect figurines with DLCs


Mass Effect fans are lucky, because they can celebrate the release of the third episode not only with the CE, but they will have an opportunity to buy figurines with exclusive DLCs. BigBadToyStore offers 8 figurines, where each piece contains different in-game content, such as new weapons, characters, weapon modifications and weapon upgrades. The only negative thing is that it will be available exclusively to North American released products. The two sets includes the following figurines:

  • Series 1: Shepard, Grunt, Thane, Tali
  • Series 2: Garrus, Legion, Miranda, Mordin

You can buy them seperately, or in a 4-pack collections. Official retail prices: Series 1/2 – $75.00, one piece – $20.00; estimated ship date: April/May 2012.

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