WE have been waiting since a long time for the arrival of Mass Effect 3, and after the first and second episode WE were very curious about BioWare’s new game and its Collector’s Edition as well. A pack looks exactly like the ME2’s special release, so it comes in a cardboard box. Although the paper is a bit thinner than before, but embossed parts (also on its back) and beautiful N7 logo will compensate us.

Inside you will find the Steelbook, and a paper container, which is made of high-quality paper. It feels nice to touch and is decorated with a unique, good-looking artwork. This holds the N7 velcro patch, a Normandy lithograph, a comic book by Dark Horse, and a hardcover art book. The richly illustrated, 70-page publication shows different drawings, concept arts, and some interesting information about the Mass Effect universe.

Next piece of the pack is the Mass Effect 3 Steelbook, which is almost the same as the second episode’s one. The metal case has a matte surface, but male Shepard on the front, and female on the back have a shiny finish. After opening the metal case you can see the inner cover art, two discs, and some vouchers with the Online Pass and a 2-day Xbox Live Gold access. N7 Collector’s Edition also features the following downloadable contents: bonus squad appearances, weapons (N7 Crusader, N7 Eagle, N7 Hurricane, N7 Valient), N7 hoodie for Shepard, Robotic dog, Avatar item, digital soundtrack, and the upcoming Prothean DLC containing a new mission and a character.

Published by: Electronic Arts
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 09-MAR-2012, (US) 06-MAR-2012
Release price: £69.99, $79.99
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Steelbook, N7 patch, Normandy lithograph, Comic book by Dark Horse, 70-page hardcover art book, Downloadable contents (bonus squad appearances, weapons, N7 hoodie for Shepard, robotic dog, Xbox Avatar item, digital soundtrack, upcoming Prothean DLC with a new mission and a character).

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  1. Sziasztok! Azt nem értem, hogy a külföldi kiadásokban nem így néznek ki a DVD-k és rajta van a csomagoláson hogy “Better whit Kinect” Ez olyan fura 🙂 Mert minden videoban a DVD-nek csak annyi van hogy N7.

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