Batman: Arkham City Limited Edition Catwoman Steelbook


Steelbook was not included in the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition, but you could get hold of it as a separate release. Many steelbook editions are available all around the world sold by different retailers, in Hungary WE have only the Catwoman version.

The front of the metal box is decorated with a Batman artwork and an embossed logo. You can see the image of Catwoman with the Arkham City caption on the back. The inner part is lack of graphics; next to game disc and manual you can only find the Play as Catwoman Download code.

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Region: PAL
Release date: (EU) 21-OCT-2011, (US) 18-OCT-2011
Release price: £49.99
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Steelbook, Downloadable contents.

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      minden esetben a megjelenéskor érvényes ajánlott fogyasztói árat tüntetjük fel, a magyar boltok szeretnek ezzel trükközni. 🙂

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