Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition


Batman is back and luckily this great game has arrived in one of the best collector’s edition boxes of this year. The Arkham City CE comes in a unique container, where an outer protective plastic sleeve holds the side walls of the package, upon removing it will cause the walls to drop down onto the floor. Luckily every side is decorated with character artworks, even those, which were hidden at the first glance.

The statue made by the famous Kotobukiya is an absolutely beautiful item. It’s also recommended to buy Arkham City CE just to own this figurine – it’s a very detailed and heavy item, produced from very good quality materials.

Under the Batman statue you can find a small drawer, which holds the DC Universe animated original movie, Gotham Knight in a paper sleeve. The rear side of the package includes the hardcover art book and the redeem codes for the downloadable contents (Soundtrack, Dark Night Returns costume, Catwoman character, Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map). The art book is also fantastic, and it focuses on the main characters of Arkham City. The game disc can be found on the last page of the art book in a plastic holder.

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Reigion: PAL
Release date: (EU) 21-OCT-2011, (US) 18-OCT-2011
Release price: £69.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Batman statue, Gotham Knight DVD, Hardcover art book, Game dics, Downloadable contents (Soundtrack, Dark Night Returns costume, Catwoman character, Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map).

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    • For the Harley DLC you don’t play as Harley. You play as Batman and Robin. That’s what I’ve been seeing eyrevwhere, perhaps I am incorrect. And it’s basically an epilogue to the main storyline and (I won’t post spoilers) but from a story stand point it would be nice to tie up some rather huge loose ends. Also I figured there’d be a re-release with all the DLC for this game so I waited. And now my patience has paid off. Otherwise I’d completely pass on the DLC.

  1. Ahá! Szóval ez az amerikai verzió. Nekem az európai van meg. Abban nincs animációs film DVD, viszont 7 DLC van benne (6 skin + az Iceberg Lounge challenege map). Ja, és az európaiban nincs Gotham City Impostors bétakód sem — ez utóbbit jobban sajnálom, mint a DVD-t.

  2. Jaaa. Igen, ez a UK-kiadás (tudtommal itthon ilyenek kerültek forgalomba az 576-ban).

    – Iceberg Lounge challenge map
    – Dark Knight Returns skin
    – Earth 1 Batman skin
    – Animated series Batman skin
    – Batman Beyond skin
    – Year One Batman skin
    – 1976 classic suit skin
    – meg a Catwoman DLC

  3. Köszi szépen. Én mondjuk a DVD helyett inkább a DLC-kre pályáznék. Remélhetőleg nekem is sikerült szert tennem erre a csomagra, mert idén eddig ez az egyik legszebb.

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