The most anticipated PC game of the past few months has finally arrived! WE are very happy with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings CE, because the high quality pack holds tons of extras. This release is one of the richest Collector’s Edition WE have seen and you can’t even imagine how many items this pack contains.

The outer box is made of thick cardboard, which is a massive and durable container; the paintjob is also very nice. After opening the package you will find the hardcover art book, which is an absolutely stunning release. On the 196 pages you can see various graphic elements and concept arts with short descriptions. Under the artbook you can find the a set of paper crafts to create the well-known figures.

Next piece of the package is the protagonist’s, Geralt’s sculpture, which is also presented in high quality – it’s heavy, well-designed, so this is a valuable extra. The CE contains the Premium Edition game, which has a foil cover. In the paper sleeve you will find a thick game guide and two DVD cases: next to the play discs you can find a map, and the Soundtack is packed together with a bonus DVD, a set of paper crafts and an envelope with a letter inside.

The box contains a Temerian coin and a pouch with a 5 piece dice set – all of them are excellent quality items. The rule book shows useful tips and tricks for various games. In the package you can find a deck of cards showing different characters from the world of Witcher 2. The last piece of the package is a DLC code, which unlocks the Vernon Roche Commando Jacket.

The Assassins of Kings CE is a very nice release. It’s not only a box filled with rubbish; every extra is a high quality and valuable collectors’ speciality. It’s highly recommended for everyone to purchase this release.

Released by: CD Projekt
Region: PAL
Release date: 17-MAY-2011
Release price: £89.99
Platform: PC

Contents: Collectible packaging, Art book, Geralt Sculpture, Premium Edition Game (paper sleeve, game disc, bonus DVD, Soundtrack, map, papercraft, envelope with letter), Coin, Pouch with a Dice Set, Playing Cards, Downloadable content.

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