The Last Story Limited Edition


It seems that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Pack inspirited other Wii titles to get published in special edition, besides The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower will also be available a nice collectible package in April. The subject of this post comes in a beautiful box, which is made of very fine paper and it is decorated with many shiny parts.

After opening the package at first you can get your hands on the 292 paged, multilingual instruction manual containing colorful images and illustrations. Next to the standard edition game you will find the high-quality The Last Story Limited Edition Steelbook. It comes with an embossed caption, shiny artworks, and a good-looking inner cover art. The „Elements of The Last Story” box holds the soundtrack CD and the art book. Today it is very rare, when you receive a jewel case, but this pack features an old-fashioned OST, which is also richly decorated with artworks. The small-sized art book is stunning, where the used materials are above the average quality.

In conclusion WE can say that The Last Story is the best LE in the last months (perhaps in years), so it is recommended for everyone.

Published by: Nintendo
Region: PAL
Release date: 24-FEB-2012
Release price: £49.99
Platform: Nintendo Wii

Contents: Collectible packaging, Standard edition game, Game manual, Steelbook, Soundtrack CD, Hardcover art book.

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  1. Wow, ez aztán a gyönyörű szép kiadás! Főleg a Steelbook belső tetszik.
    (bár az ilyet nem értem, hogy miért kell kétféle tokot is belerakni)

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