Risen 2: Dark Waters Collector’s Edition


After a short break WE are back in action with a new post, which is about Risen 2: Dark Waters Collector’s Edition. It’s been a long time since WE showed you something really unique, so WE were happy with the wooden barrel packaging. It’s a very interesting extra, it is made of real wood, and it has a quite a good overall quality, which fits to the game’s theme very well.

You can notice the Risen 2 logo on the top of the barrel, where you can also find a small door. After opening this you will see the contents of the Collector’s Edition, where at first you can get your hands on the paper container. This holds 3 stickers and 20 pieces of good-looking and high quality art cards showing different artworks from the game. The package also includes a pirate flag together with a medal with the game’s logo. The biggest extra of the package is the 17 cm tall Jaffar statue, which has a fair quality, but mainly because of its rubber material. Last piece of Risen 2: Dark Waters Collector’s Edition is a poster, where one side shows an artwork, while the other side the complete world map.

Note: Unfortunately our package missed the game and the extra DVD case, which included the music CD and the “Making of …” DVD.

Published by: Deep Silver
Region: PAL
Release date: (EU) 27-APR-2012, (US) 24-APR-2012
Release price: N/A
Platform: PC
Contents: Wooden barrel packaging, 20 art cards, Statue, Poster, 3 stickers, Pirate flag, Pirate medal.

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  1. Ha jól emlékszem a 001-es járt a kezemben. Vagy a 004-es? Sajnálom, h nem volt a megjelenéskor dugi 20ezer forintom, mert ez igazán a polcra való! Ötletes, minőségi és tartalmas kiadás.

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