Resistance 3 Survivor Edition


WE were a bit disappointed with the Resistance 3 Press Kit, but the Survivor Edition definitely compensated us. The package comes is a large box, which is decorated with an embossed artwork.

First you can get your hands on the canvas bag full of valuable contents. This backpack is a high-quality item and it’s large enough to hold every component of this release. WE have already seen the small toy soldiers in the Press Kit, so the statement – they are pretty tiny, but good-looking creations – is still true. The metal flask is decorated with a Resistance logo, it has an average quality, but it will look good on the collector’s shelf.

Jospeh Capelli’s journal is a great item, it’s full of various handwritten notes and drawings. The playing cards are decorated with Resistance artworks and the Chimera target poster will look great on the fans’ wall.

The Survivor Edition includes the Special Edition as well, which comes with a Steelbook, and a vinyl effect Blu-ray disc. DLC codes are included in the package like: skins, unique weapon, “Sentinel” multiplayer title and multiplayer booster.

Released by: SONY
Region: PAL
Release date: 09-SEP-2011
Release price: £99.99
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Collectible packaging, Steelbook, Vinyl effect disc, Toy soldiers, Joseph Capelli’s journal, Hip flask, Playing cards, Downloadable contents (SRPA Black Ops skin, Infected Nathan Hale skin , Air Fuel grenade , “Sentinel” Multiplayer title, Multiplayer booster).

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  1. Szerencsére az én csomagomban a flaska meg van nyomódva, de úgy közelítem meg, h a nagy harcban a rohadékok ellen sérült meg! 😀
    Az áráért a figurákat még mindig kicsinek tartom, de legalább kiférnek egy kis polcra a szobában.

    A magyar tokon érdemes elolvasni, hogy a bónuszokat és a “store top”-ot hogyan sikerült lefordítani…

  2. Could you provide measurements of the bag please?

    Also, it looks really cool, i’m glad i pre-ordered it! 😀

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  4. Hi Jim,

    I just measured the bag: 24cm(H) x 23 cm(W) x 12 cm(D).
    Every single component of the Survivor Edition fits into the bag comfortably.

  5. Thanks Gabi! A lot smaller than i thought it would be to be honest, little disappointed with that. I’ll still find some use for it though.

  6. Richard Musson on

    Where on earth can I buy this? I can’t find it anywhere. Google yields nothing. Nothing!
    I am in UK, btw.

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  9. hey guys i really want to buy this but how is the quality of the bag. Also will an A4 book fit in it? Thanks a lot.

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