Red Dead Redemption Limited Edition


When you take a closer look at the RDR Limited Edition you might think that a game like this could have deserved a much more special release. Downloadable extras in a paper sleeve is all what you can get.

The image on the paper case is exactly the same as the normal edition’s cover, only the printed letters were made embossed and glossy. If you unfold the sleeve you can discover a cool artwork. Unfortunately only a normal edition game is included in the package along with a map and a voucher for activating downloadable content.

Released by: Rockstar Games
Region: PAL
Release date: 21-MAY-2010
Release price: £54.99
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Contents: Paper sleeve, Standard edition game, Map, Downloadable contents (War Horse, Golden Gun Weapon Pack, Deadly Assassin Outfit, Soundtrack).

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  1. ssj3_vegetto on

    Én is ilyet vettem de csak azért mert már csak ilyen volt (csak PS3-as)
    Amúgy elég puritán kiadás, az a kihajtható rész meg no comment :S

  2. @ssj3_vegetto

    Hát igen! Ekkora összegért valóban elég sovány. Minimum GTA IV-szerű kiadás kellett volna, western témában.

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