Rayman Origins Collector’s Edition


Rayman has returned and WE are very happy with the fact that it was also published as a Collector’s Edition. The box does not seems extraordinary at first glance, but after opening it you can see a very interesting fold-out packaging, which is exclusive to this release.

Inside you will find the Soundtrack CD in a paper sleeve, and a hardcover art book. This 50-paged “The Art of Rayman” book contains different photos with the graphic style of the game. The last item in the package is the standard edition game.

Published by: Ubisoft
Region: PAL
Release date: (EU) 25-NOV-2011, (US) 15-NOV-2011
Release price: £59.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Soundtrack CD, Hardcover art book, Standard edition game.

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