Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit EA Crew Edition


The Limited Edition of the latest Need for Speed contains only a few extra cars compared to the standard version, that’s the reason why WE haven’t presented it on the release date. The Hot Pursuit EA Crew Edition is a real specialty, it isn’t available in stores, only the EA’s employees had the opportunity to get a copy of it.

The game comes in a simple fold-out paper sleeve with a unique cover; it shows only the Hot Pursuit caption and the name of the edition. After unfolding the sleeve you can see a short greeting by EA CEO, John Riccitiello. The game itself comes in normal DVD case with an exclusive cover. The disc inside the box is custom printed as well and it contains the game code and 7 exclusive cars as an extra.

Released by: EA
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 19-NOV-2010, (US) 16-NOV-2010
Release price: N/A
Platform: PC

Contents: Paper sleeve, DVD case with alternate cover, Unique disc, Downloadable content (7 cars).

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