ModNation Racers Press Kit


SONY always makes absolutely unique media packages. Yesterday WE got the ModNation Racers press kit for a review which is named Creation Kit. This is the first “do it yourself” press package which really fits the game’s theme.

The container box is shaped like a white car with a heavy driver figurine made of plastic sitting inside. The overall package looks really clean and uninteresting at first glance, but it’s on purpose. Once you discover the contents inside the car you will understand the reason. There are 10 felt pens and 3 sets of stickers, so you can decorate your character and car like you could do it inside the game. WE think this idea is really great for a press kit, because every owner can use his/her own imagination to make their racing car and driver.

The game itself seems like a normal release (with a colorful inside cover), but has two discs. One is made for the media containing high resolution artworks and screenshots, the other disc is a review code. On the right side of the box you can see a sticker with a redeem code to download a PSP version of this game.

Released by: Sony
Region: global
Release date: (EU) 21-MAY-2010, (US) 25-MAY-2010
Release price: N/A
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Mod character, Felt pens (10 pcs), 3 sets of stickers, Standard edition game (with media disc), ModNation Racers download voucher for PSP.

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  1. @safa

    This is a press kit available only for the video game magazine editors, so you cannot buy this in stores. You can try eBay btw, if you are lucky enough you might find one.

  2. i got mine today i was lucky enough to go to a sony event for modnations in sydney and this package is great

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