Killzone 2 Limited Edition Metal Tin


Killzone 3 will be released soon, until then let’s see what kind of Collector’s Editions were available for the second episode. First WE want to show you a rare metal box, which was sold only in Australia for a limited time.

This release includes the standard edition game which comes in a special metal tin. The box has a shiny paintjob, where the front of the tin is decorated with embossed graphics and logos.

Released by: SONY
Region: PAL (New Zealand)
Release date: 25-FEB-2009
Release price: NZD 119.95
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Metal Tin, Standard edition game.

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  1. I’M searcing for this tin case of Killzone 2. Not to find in the Netherlands 🙁

    Anybody who can help me to get one of those?



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