The game ICO was one of our favorites from the previous generation. WE missed the very first release in 2002, but luckily later WE found a mint condition copy on eBay. As you see on the pictures below this is not a Limited, Special or Collector’s Edition, only the first PAL print made for Europe (which was re-released later as a normal blue-boxed version when Shadow of the Colossus appeared).

The ICO digipak is famous for the included postcards. Along with the valuable packaging the four art cards are also decorated with real in-game screenshots instead of artworks. WE love the game and this beautiful release.

Released by: Sony
Region: PAL
Release date: 22-MAR-2002
Release price: £39.99
Platform: PlayStation2

Contents: Collectible packaging, 4 pieces of art cards.

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  1. Sajnos az ICO nincs meg semmilyen formában, de szerencsére a Shadow of the Colossus-t szép, a fenti képekhez hasonlóan papírtokos példányban kaptam. 🙂

  2. Idővel majd azt is felrakjuk, igencsak szép darab. A Shadow of the Colossus Európában egyébként csak papírdobozos változatban létezik. Lehetéges, hogy az új Team ICO játék megjelenése előtt kijön egy sima dobozos kiadás is a SotC-ből (az ICO-val egy lemezen mondjuk).

  3. I love this game and I have this first print version too.
    It is really nice.

    Guys, I really love your website.
    If you want, you can check my small blog where I also present some press-kits & promo items. 🙂

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