Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition (EU)


Collectors who couldn’t afford the pricey Signature Edition, but wanted to celebrate the release of the Gran Turismo 5 with a special package, for those the Collector’s Edition might be a good choice.

The game comes in a paper box with a unique cover where some parts have shiny paintwork. The European release of the GT5 Collector’s Edition includes a standard edition game (with alternate cover art), inside you can find a DLC code for the „ChromeLine” car pack and an exclusive XMB theme. The 5 art cards’ quality is ok, each of them shows a great car as a real postcard. The Apex book is also the part of the package; it’s exactly the same as we saw in Signature Edition.

Released by: Sony
Region: PAL
Release date: 24-NOV-2010
Release price: £59.99
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Collectible packaging, Normal edition game (with alternate cover art), Apex book, 5 pieces of art cards, Downloadable content (5 cars, XMB theme).

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