Catherine Love is Over Deluxe Box


Catherine Love is Over Deluxe Box is not an ordinary Collector’s Edition, because it is filled with lots of strange items. Even the packaging is very unique, which looks the same like an ordinary pizza box (but it is a bit smaller).

Inside the pack you can find the boxer shorts which is a dream item for every fanboy, but unfortunately it has quite a poor quality. The included pillowcase is made of a much better cloth, you can wrap your pillow inside and have nice dreams with it. The T-shirt has an average quality, its size is extra-large. In addition, the package contains a paperback art book, which holds the official Soundtrack on the last page. Love is Over Deluxe Box also includes the standard edition copy of the game.

Published by: Atlus
Reigion: NTSC | US
Release date: 26-JUL-2011
Release price: $79.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Boxer shorts, T-shirt, Pillowcase, Art book, Soundtrack CD, Standard edition game.

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