The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Edition Pack


There are very few Collector’s Edition releases from Nintendo, but WE are always very happy to get our hands on special releases from the Japanese publisher. This time WE present the Zelda Skyward Sword Limited Edition Pack, which is a cool bundle, where the biggest extra is the gold colored controller.

The box is made of thick paper; it looks quite good, but it isn’t decorated with any embossed captions. Inside you can find the standard edition game – unfortunately the EU release didn’t come with a foil cover, like the US version. The package includes a Soundtrack CD in a paper sleeve, and a small booklet, where you can read the greetings of the game’s producers and music supervisor in 12 different languages. The 122 paged instruction manual looks stunning; it includes illustrations and useful tips.

The most beautiful item of the Limited Edition Pack is definitely the unique golden Wii Remote Plus controller. It comes in a silicone case, which is a murder to put such a nice piece of hardware into cheap wrapping, but after removing it, the controller itself is simply the best Wii peripheral till date.

Published by: Nintendo
Region: PAL
Release date: (EU) 18-NOV-2011, (US) 20-NOV-2011
Release price: £59.99
Platform: Nintendo Wii

Contents: Collectible packaging, Standard edition game, Instruction manual, Soundtrack CD, Controller.

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  1. Igazság szerint SOS-ben kellett egy WiiMote, lehetőleg MotionPlus-szal. Na most egy gyári Wii Mote Plus 13k. Ezt a limitált irányítót meg 10k-ért megszereztem. A game-re meg visszatérek, de egyelőre nincs most rá időm sajnos.

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