Let’s look at an another Street Fighter IV release. This time the European Collector’s Edition is presented on our site. The package has a really unique design, the back of the container box is fully transparent, so you can clearly see the included Ryu and Crimson Viper miniatures. Despite to their small size (Ryu is 8cm, C.Viper is 7cm tall) both are well designed and very detailed collectibles.

Inside the box there is a normal edition game with an alternate cover, a 12-paged booklet to demonstrate combos of the new characters and a bonus Blu-Ray disc with the SFIV anime. As a final kicker every buyer received a redeem code to download additional costumes from the PSN.

Released by: Capcom
Region: PAL
Release date: 20-FEB-2009
Release price: £69.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Special packaging, Ryu & C. Viper figurines, Standard edition game (with alternate cover art), Bonus disc, Mini strategy guide, Downloadable costumes.

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  1. Emlékszem, hogy elfelejtettem visszamondani az előrendelésem Game-ből, aztán szállítás előtt zuhant hatalmasat a forint és 22.000-re terhelt a bank. Magyarországon akkor azt hiszem 16.000-ért már lehetett kapni. Megoptam. 🙂

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