There are not many remarkable collector’s edition releases for the PSP, therefore we were excited to review the newest Persona game. The outer box is made of thin paper, so you have to take special attention during the unboxing process without damaging it. We think it looks decent on a collector’s shelf, even though it has the same artwork as the normal release.

The contents of the package are the game in the regular PSP case and the 2-Disc OST in a jewel case. The package does not contain any art book or art cards, the only decoration you can find is in the inner part of the UMD case and some nice artwork in the user’s manual. Two included music disks contain all the sound material familiar form the game.

Every previously released Persona game came with an included soundtrack CD, so the only special thing about this Collector’s Edition is only its unique packaging.

Published by: Atlus
Region: US
Release date: 22-SEP-2009
Release price: $44.90
Platform: Playstation Portable

Contents: Limited packaging, Full 2-Disc Soundtrack, Game UMD.

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