The God of War III Press Kit was sent to just a few editorials, but fans of Kratos could purchase one really exclusive release. It’s a truly rare special package since every single piece was sold in pre-orders. WE are lucky that our sponsor could hook us up with a brand new version of the Ultimate Edition.

The UE comes in a huge and heavy cardboard box decorated with nice pictures of the main character on each side. After opening the package you can see the biggest extra of the release, the sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box known from the game. According to the preview pictures this box seemed to be a light plastic thing, but after taking a closer look WE realized that it’s a highly detailed and well designed collector’s piece. If looks beautiful and also feels good for the hand.

The content inside Pandora’s box is really distressing. There is an exclusive collectible art book and a normal edition game hidden in the lower secret bracket. The hardbound booklet has high quality prints of in-game characters and locations along with some concept arts. Inside the game’s box there is a voucher for the downloadable contents like arenas, costumes, developer interviews and soundtrack.

This release was sold at the retail price of $99.99 in the US. For that amount of money a collector should deserve a SteelBook, a Blu-Ray disc with the extra contents (instead of a voucher) or at least Soundtrack CD in a paper sleeve since there is plenty of room inside Pandora’s box.

Released by: SONY
Region: US
Release date: 16-MAR-2010
Release price: $99.99
Platform: PlayStation 3

Contents: Normal edition game, Art book, Pandora’s Box, Downloadable Content (Combat Arena, Kratos Dominus Skin, Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary, God of War Trilogy Soundtrack, God of War: Blood and Metal EP).

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  1. ssj3_vegetto on

    Gyönyörű ^_^
    Ez lett a kedvenc CE kiadásom.
    Én a hivatalos ár majdnem duplájáért vettem, de nekem még így megérte.
    De úgy tudom máshol sem olcsóbb, sőt….. :S

  2. ssj3_vegetto on

    Persze hogy nem 🙂
    Mondjuk az én példányom jobb állapotban érkezett meg (külső doboz)
    Sőt vettem még hozzá egy Limited Edition Strategy Guide-ot, így csak egy csomag árát kellett szinte kifizetnem. Mondanom se kell az is nagyon szép / igényes kiadás. (A GoW II LE SG kiadását nem übereli, de azt nehéz is bárminek is)

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