Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition


Another year, another Call of Duty, and another collector’s edition. The previous two CoD episodes were released in 2 different special versions, but now the Prestige Edition is missing from the list, and only the Hardened Edition is available from Modern Warfare 3.

The outer box has a unique cover art, where on the matte paintjob you can see a shiny contour of a machine gun. This contains the container made of thick paper, which holds lots of interesting items. After opening the box, on the left you will find the metallic-feel Call of Duty Elite membership card including an activation code. Below this there is a journal, which shows different military sketches and entries through more than 100 pages. It’s a very interesting and a nice-looking extra.

Other part of the Hardened Edition’s container holds the Steelbook. WE were very satisfied with this, because it has a good quality, matte paintjob, and also an inner cover art. The last item of this release is a brochure, which presents the services and benefits of the Call of Duty Elite membership. Of course, the downloadable codes are not missing either; the followings are included within the Elite service: 20 pieces of MW3 DLCs, new maps and missions, special “Founder” status with other extras (weapons, prizes, operations, etc.), and an exclusive animated theme (Special Ops Juggernaut outfit on Xbox 360).

Published by: Activision
Region: PAL
Release date: 08-NOV-2011
Release price: £89.99
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Contents: Collectible packaging, Steelbook, Metallic card with 1-year Call of Duty Elite premium membership, Soap’s journal, Downloadable contents (within the Elite membership 20 pieces of MW3 DLC, „Founder” status, exclusive animated theme).

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  1. Szépek ezek a CoD Hardened kiadások, de eszméletlenül túl vannak árazva. Itt persze lehetne magyarázni az éves Elite előfizetéssel a magas árat, de az előző kettőhöz nem volt ilyen.

    Kis kötekedés. Ebben a mondatban nem az X360-ashoz járó extrát kellett volna a zárójelbe rakni? Ha már a képeken a PS3-as van.
    “valamint egy exkluzív Avatar kosztümöt (PS3-on egyedi témát) kapunk.”

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