WE haven’t played this game, but when we looked at the Limited Edition in Platinum Shop we took it right away. Content is held in big box covered with embossed prints which looks awesome at first sight. One disappointment occurred during the unboxing process, because we were expected at least a Steelbook along with some juicy content. The package held only the regular relase of the game (with white cover inside), a 15 cm tall figurine, a comic book and a map.

The outer box looks nice, but it can get damaged really easily. Every single scratch and tear is visible so you have to take special care and do not touch it if it’s not necessary. The war-themed comic book contains a short story related to the in-game events.

The action figure is lack of detail, but still looks decent on the pictures. You can make your plastic soldier ready to kill with the thirteen equipments (grenades, rifle, knife, backpack) found in the box. Even after attaching every single killing weapon to the miniature Matt Baker I didn’t get a feeling I should put him on my collector shelf.

Published by: Ubisoft
Reigion: NTSC | US
Release date: 23-SEP-2008
Release price: $59.99
Platform: PS3/ X360

Contents: 6 inch Sgt. Matt Baker action figure with 13 accessories, First issue of the Brothers in Arms comic book, Map of the Operation Market Garden

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