Halo Wars Limited Edition


WE didn’t buy the limited edition of Halo Wars on the release date, but since it’s a must have title for the Xbox 360, later on WE couldn’t resist. Our first impression was that it’s a nice package, but after examining every single content WE were really satisfied with it. The game comes in a transparent protective slip case with a printed Halo Wars logo on the front and general information on the back. Inside you can find a matte Steelbook with embossed logo and nice looking artworks form the Halo Universe.

Next to the steelbook there is a paper container with amazing contents: one rubbery Spirit of Fire Patch (10cm in diameter), six art cards of the main characters (17.7cm x 12.3cm) and a Halo Wars: Genesis book. The hardbound graphic novel is not the usual art book, but a 48-paged comic with an introductory story. Every single page has high-quality prints on glossy paper. Inside the Steelbook you can find a redeem code to unlock a vehicle and 3 extra mulitplayer maps for Halo 3, along with a 48-hour Xbox Live Gold access.

Released by: Microsft
Region: PAL
Release date: 26-FEB-2009
Release price: £49.99
Platform: Xbox 360

Contents: Steelbook, Spirit of Fire Patch, 6 Leader Cards (17.7cm x 12.3cm), Hardbound Graphic Novel Halo Wars: Genesis, Three Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps, In-game Honor Guard Wraith Tank, 48-hour Live Gold Trial.

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