Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Edition Original Soundtrack


After the Steelbook and Crystal Edition, WE still got more Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collectibles. This time WE will show you a relatively rare item, which is a Limited Edition Soundtrack with the game’s music on 4CDs and one bonus DVD. The white pack is printed with glossy paint which changes color from pink to black presenting two characters each on the front and back as well.

Inside you can find five paper containers. Their quality is great, but those are opening and closing in a very unusual way; you have to be careful not to tear the thick paper when taking out the discs. Four containers of them hold the soundtrack CDs with unique artwork; the fifth one includes a bonus disc and a brochure with track list and composer’s commentaries.

Published by: Square Enix
Region: Japan
Release date: 21-DEC-2011
Release price: ¥4800 ≈ $60, £38

Contents: Collectible packaging, Soundtrack on 4 discs, Bonus DVD, Brochure.

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